Meet The Leaders of the 2022 U.S. Women’s Earth Alliance Grassroots Accelerator

Morning Star Gali

Protecting sacred sites for indigenous communities and uplifting the voices of California’s indigenous peoples.

Shenée L. Simon

Founding, designing, and creating programming for women and girls that prioritizes gender equity, safety, peace, and security.

Aïma Paule

Envisioning environmental action through art and music and uplifting the voices and perspective of the QTBIPOC in the Bay Area.

Tanasia Swift

Designing programming that mentors the next generation of girls and women to steward the local oyster reefs and waterways throughout New York City.

Laurie Peterka

Supporting the intersection of youth education and elder wisdom in hopes of advancing ocean stewardship and indigenous culture preservation.

Jane Jacobs

Protecting water access and indigenous food sovereignty through seedkeeping and community mobilization.

Roishetta Ozane

Breaking down barriers for BIPOC and low income communities by providing them with tools they need in the face of natural disaster.

Alyssa Carpenter

Pushing back against facilities practice open burning of toxic chemicals to protect the health and wellbeing of surrounding communities.

Ranjani Prabhakar

Creating music that reinforces human relationships to each other and to nature and that casts vision for equitable climate change solutions.

Dail Chambers

Using art, research, and oral traditions to create healing spaces for the public that express creativity, passion, and environmentalist themes.

Casey Camp Horinek

Reinforcing the native right to safe water, air, and land through grassroots advocacy, traditional education, and through the mentorship of aspiring filmmakers, actors, and actresses in her community.

Nikila Badua

Elevating Cultural Community Arts for Educational Reform as fundamental to youth development and our collective liberation

Stephanie Rivas

Conducting outreach to urban BIPOC youth and their communities to share knowledge, create space, and generate solutions in the movement to combat climate change.

Ayanna Jolivet Mccloud

Using law, science-based advocacy, and education to protect wetlands, water quality, water infrastructure, and support equitable flood resiliency.

Georgia Tunioli

Teaming up with schools, businesses, harbors, organizations, and individuals to restore and enhance the Santa Monica Bay watershed, reduce waste, and steward our waters.

Rocío Torres Moguel

Protecting the Mexican and US waters of the Colorado River by connecting people and communities with the natural resources that nourish and sustain them.

Johanie Rivera-Zayas

Bridging cultural and scientific knowledge on natural and working lands to increase its resilience, increase and maintain soil health, and support public policy.

Crystal Sanders-Alvarado

Creating multi-sensory learning environments that build community, increase connection to the natural world, and expand critical thought.

Maya Batres

Seeking global climate justice and community equity through renewable energy and access.

Darshan Elena Campos

Sharing Indigenous Black Caribbean histories and ecologies through community gardening and reforestation that promote healing & resilience on the front-lines of the climate crisis.

Grace Tuttle

Empowering advocates against the Mountain Valley Pipeline and building people power to protect communities and achieve climate justice.

Juliette Anne Jackson

Making legal advocacy and litigation services more accessible for indigenous communities impacted by climate change.

Sneha Ayyagari

Advising entrepreneurs, community groups, and governmental agencies on equitable clean energy technologies and policies.

Jenna Valente

Fostering a community of ocean lovers working to protect and restore ocean health through advocacy and education.

Irene R. Ruiz

Community organizing in Idaho to create and implement local campaigns on environmental justice issues that affect Latinx, immigrant, and farm working communities.

Sumedha Yarlagadda

Representing youth voices and creating community projects through art, climate education, and political action.

Vanessa Uriarte

Promoting economic, environmental and political transformation in the coastal communities of Puerto Rico and eradicating neocolonial policies of the Global North.