Alyssa Carpenter

Participant: 2022 U.S. Grassroots Accelerator

Pushing back against facilities practice open burning of toxic chemicals to protect the health and wellbeing of surrounding communities.




Affiliations & Roles

Co-chair & Founder of Citizens for Arsenal Accountability

“Protecting the health and safety of communities in proximity to open burning practices. Advocating for safer, advanced alternative technologies for toxic waste disposal.”
Alyssa Carpenter is a community activist in the New River Valley fighting to protect the health and safety of communities surrounding a facility that practices open burning of toxic chemicals. As a founder and co-chair of Citizens for Arsenal Accountability, she leads her community in bringing awareness to the dangers of open burning, advocating for safer alternatives, and seeks support for impacted community members. She works with organizations like Earthjustice, Mothers Out Front, and the Ceasefire Coalition to ensure that communities are informed and working together towards a future without open burning.