Dail Chambers

Participant: 2022 U.S. Grassroots Accelerator

Using art, research, and oral traditions to create healing spaces for the public that express creativity, passion, and environmentalist themes.



Saint Louis | Mississippi

Affiliations & Roles

Founder of Yeyo Arts Collective

Dail Chambers is a visual artist, creative consultant and grower. Her visual art practice is a multimedia exploration in genealogy, women’s narratives and social environmental art. She has received numerous awards and fellowships throughout the United States. As a teaching artist she has traveled internationally, creating curriculum lesson plans to enhance and motivate inter-generational learning environments, field guilds and community art projects.

Dail Chambers is a migratory, food, plant and land steward, educator and civic creative. Creative expressions are the mainstays of her inner/intra studio practice. She thrives to create urban environmental space with the outcome of good mood, direct nutritional resource and culturally sustainable methods.

She is a mother and caregiver in her family.