Grace Tuttle

Participant: 2022 U.S. Grassroots Accelerator

Empowering advocates against the Mountain Valley Pipeline and building people power to protect communities and achieve climate justice.



West Virginia | Virginia

Affiliations & Roles

Development and Programs Coordinator at Protect Our Water Heritage Rights (POWHR)

Grace lives in Appalachia, in the vibrant Allegheny Mountains of so-called Virginia. She believes in a just and livable future for Appalachia where all life is respected and protected. Grace works for Protect Our Water Heritage Rights (POWHR), a grassroots interstate coalition dedicated to protecting water, life, and communities from harms caused by the expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure, including the proposed fracked-gas Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP) and MVP Southgate Extension.

Grace serves as POWHR’s Development & Programs Coordinator, where she loves: wrangling public participation by empowering people to use their voices to create change, creatively growing the Stop MVP movement, and building community spaces for learning, understanding and growth in advocacy around environmental and climate justice.

Grace is also on the Board of Directors at Wild Virginia, another grassroots organization devoted to protecting and connecting Virginia’s wildlife habitats, and ensuring a future where Virginia’s water is protected. She was Co-Captain of the UVA Women’s Rowing team and is passionate about protecting water. Grace is a self-described ‘obsessed gardener’ and an herbalist-in-training. Catch her leading a welcoming book club, dreaming about Appalachia’s future or harvesting medicinal herbs in her garden!